I’m Tim, let me mind your business!

Tim is a Product Growth expert with over 7 years of experience in driving data-driven decision-making to enhance product scalability, impact, and profitability across multiple startups in Nigeria, the UK, and the USA. He bridges the expectation gap between both internal and external stakeholders.

Product • Data • Business

These are my Area of Expertise
• Data Analytics
• Website Design
• Graphics Design
• Digital Marketing
• Cloud Computing
• Pitch Deck Design
• Technical Support
• Product Marketing
• Project Management
• Product Management
• Business Development
• Operations Management
• Curriculum Development
• Sales & Marketing Automation
• Business Intelligence & Analytics

Thought Excerpts

Need for distance

Stay away from those who play the victim in problems they created. Focus on spending time with people with whom you share a common future rather than just a...

Nothing Personal

Whatever life throws at you, Don’t take it personal. Take note and Take care of it. Never be emotional. All it’s ever going to do is alter your decision...

Egolistic perfectionist

The ego of wanting to seem perfect in front of people will hold you back from your greatness. You could fail in an idea, it doesn’t mean you are a failure....

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