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Adeolu Timothy

Adeolu Timothy

Product • Data • Business

Sic Parvis Magna!

Need for distance

Stay away from those who play the victim in problems they created.

Focus on spending time with people with whom you share a common future rather than just a common past.

Prioritize wisely.

Allocate more of your time and energy to those who have contributed to your growth and success, and who continue to pour into you.

This doesn’t mean forgetting those who were part of your past.

However, just because someone was with you then, doesn’t mean they should be with you now if you no longer share a common future.

Nothing Personal

Whatever life throws at you,

Don’t take it personal.
Take note and Take care of it.

Never be emotional.

All it’s ever going to do is alter your decision making, slow you down.

Eat up unnecessary bandwidth that could be contributing to your momentum.

Take note
Take it serious and
Take care of it!

Egolistic perfectionist

The ego of wanting to seem perfect in front of people will hold you back from your greatness.

You could fail in an idea, it doesn’t mean you are a failure.
Your business can fail, it doesn’t make you a failure.

Release that ego of looking perfect in front of people, give yourself the permission to fail.

The purpose of testing is to see what fails, what works and then make your tweaks appropriately.

Give yourself permission to fail!

~~ Pope


Invest so much in yourself, make your brain your biggest asset.
The way to drive up your revenue and earning capacity is by having high valued (paying) skills.


Stop putting limits on yourself.
Life is short!

Sweet pain

When you come in contact with newer information.
It will create a conflict with the existing information you know.
Instead of facing the conflicts, weighing the two details and choosing the better one, most folks run away and stick to what they are used to.
This denies then the necessary growth to scale to the next phase.

Pain can be good.
Pain says your body is still working.
Excellence is painful.
The process is going to be painful.

But that’s what gets you the big chunk of the pie.



Tomalo como viene (Spanish)

Take each obstacle in life as it comes, facing them head-on, one by one.

Keep your focus on the present moment, on the task at hand.
Just like walking, take it one step at a time, placing one foot in front of the other.

Gradually pick up your pace, but resist the urge to rush ahead or skip steps.

Trying to leapfrog over challenges only leads to instability and inefficiency.

Embrace the rhythm of progress, trusting that each step forward brings you closer to your goals.

Focus on the next step.
One foot after the other.


Don’t place a limit on it

Don’t limit yourself by what you don’t have.
Enhance your journey by using the most of what is available.
Trust God to make what you have in your hand to be sufficient for what you want.
What can you do, despite?



Young man,
Stay your course!

There’s light at the end of the tunnel you’re digging!


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