Adeolu Timothy

Adeolu Timothy

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Sic Parvis Magna!

Levels to it

Level 1: Be good at something
Level 2: Be good at something important
Level 3: Be known to be good at something important.
Level 4: Be consistent with being known to be good at something important
– Not my thought!

Who are you coming with?

In the dance of life, choose your partners well, Be smart who you pick, Be discerning, Choose your company, let wisdom steer. Choose wisely, where you stand. Pick your buddies, keep your light. Don't wander where fools parade. With smart folks, your journey's sound,...

Life || Career

We usually start our professional life acquiring KNOWLEDGE, school, university, et cetera, and when this knowledge is applied, we call it a SKILL. When you have knowledge and skills, you become professionally valuable to others and your NETWORK grows. Consequently,...

Sweet pain

When you come in contact with newer information. It will create a conflict with the existing information you know. Instead of facing the conflicts, weighing the two details and choosing the better one, most folks run away and stick to what they are used to. This...

Don’t place a limit on it

Don’t limit yourself by what you don’t have. Enhance your journey by using the most of what is available. Trust God to make what you have in your hand to be sufficient for what you want. What can you do, despite? -Pope

Check Box

This year, invest where you'd like to harvest. Sow seeds in areas you wish to reap rewards. •⁠ ⁠Spiritual •⁠ ⁠Relationship •⁠ ⁠Family •⁠ ⁠Career •⁠ ⁠Finance •⁠ ⁠Health •⁠ ⁠Academic •⁠ ⁠Business Remember the rhythm of seed time and harvest time. Your efforts will yield...

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