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Adeolu Timothy

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Sic Parvis Magna!

Nothing Personal

Whatever life throws at you,

Don’t take it personal.
Take note and Take care of it.

Never be emotional.

All it’s ever going to do is alter your decision making, slow you down.

Eat up unnecessary bandwidth that could be contributing to your momentum.

Take note
Take it serious and
Take care of it!

Perceived value

Be careful of perceived value The perceived value of other people's achievement will make you see it as a very big deal that is missing from your life. Trust me, it's how they sometimes see your achievement when they look at you too. It's called personal see-finish! -...

The missed shots

Kobe Bryant – 14,481 missed shots Michael Jordan - 12,345 missed shots LeBron James - 14,091 missed shots Yet, the story of the NBA CANNOT be told without their names. History does not care so much about the shots you missed You’ve gotta start taking your shots Some...

Don’t place a limit on it

Don’t limit yourself by what you don’t have. Enhance your journey by using the most of what is available. Trust God to make what you have in your hand to be sufficient for what you want. What can you do, despite? -Pope

Need for distance

Stay away from those who play the victim in problems they created. Focus on spending time with people with whom you share a common future rather than just a common past. Prioritize wisely. Allocate more of your time and energy to those who have contributed to your...

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