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Sic Parvis Magna!

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At some point, you will be desperate for a major win just to validate that you are doing the right thing and on the right path.
At such moments, don’t forget the small wins matter too and they eventually all add up.
Don’t lose your shine!
Beans no dey cook forever, e go soon done!
– Pope

Fail, Fall, Fear

When I'm not afraid to fail, I won't. When I'm not afraid to fall down, falling down won't feel like failure. I have fallen down enough to get more comfortable with it, to know how productive it can be, how necessary it is to growth. Still, when I sense the ground...

Don’t lose them

The one who is never around is always the perfect one without flaws. Close proximity to people will expose you to their flaws. And we have the tendency to value someone whom we haven't seen their flaws over the one who is always available and accessible. The one who...

My Definition

Learn to define success for yourself in a way that’s process-oriented, and which focuses on taking action and on enjoying the journey of life. This focus should take into account inner fulfilment, not just quantifiable financial success (which will never be 100...

Life || Career

We usually start our professional life acquiring KNOWLEDGE, school, university, et cetera, and when this knowledge is applied, we call it a SKILL. When you have knowledge and skills, you become professionally valuable to others and your NETWORK grows. Consequently,...

That’s not me, not what I seek

I don't want to be the best. I don't want to be better than you If I seek to be better than you, Then, I have lowered myself to be measured by you. Then you are the standard that I aspire to What I want to be, Is to be Authentic to who I am. That makes me...

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