Adeolu Timothy

Adeolu Timothy

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Sic Parvis Magna!

My Brief

I’m focused on the essentials….
to the exclusion of all else.
I’m unsure of the future…
but I’m not concerned.
I will rely on those closest to me
And I will share their burdens.
as they share mine.
I will live….. and love

Are you sure you are ready?

Access to valuable information or influential individuals will be futile if you do not have the ability to capitalize on the opportunities. You can hang around 5 rich (money and mental wealth) people and still be broke. What you do with the leverage is what makes the...

What drives me is:

A life of no regrets.To look back on life and see that I spent it well.Did every single thing that I wanted to do.Experimented a lot.Failed a lot.But made the most of life.-Pope

What you get

Making delusional plans will get you delusional results. It doesn't matter how optimistic you are about it. The gist is, you'll be the bearer of the consequences. - Pope

Check Box

This year, invest where you'd like to harvest. Sow seeds in areas you wish to reap rewards. •⁠ ⁠Spiritual •⁠ ⁠Relationship •⁠ ⁠Family •⁠ ⁠Career •⁠ ⁠Finance •⁠ ⁠Health •⁠ ⁠Academic •⁠ ⁠Business Remember the rhythm of seed time and harvest time. Your efforts will yield...

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