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Sic Parvis Magna!

The missed shots

Kobe Bryant – 14,481 missed shots
Michael Jordan – 12,345 missed shots
LeBron James – 14,091 missed shots
Yet, the story of the NBA CANNOT be told without their names.
History does not care so much about the shots you missed
You’ve gotta start taking your shots
Some will go in, some won’t.
On your deathbed, it won’t matter
You’re not gonna regret the shots you took.
I don’t need every shots to go in,
I just need one destiny shot to go in.
You should get out of your fear!
Embrace the journey, for it’s not the missed shots that define you but the courage to take them.
In the tapestry of life, every shot adds to the narrative, creating a story uniquely yours.
Keep taking your shots – one might be the masterpiece that shapes your legacy.
– Pope


Invest so much in yourself, make your brain your biggest asset. The way to drive up your revenue and earning capacity is by having high valued (paying) skills.

The seed and the harvest

You reap what you sow. You reap where you sow. (You can't sow all of yourself into work and expect to reap from your family) You reap after you sow. You always reap more than you sow. You can sow: time, sweat, effort, material -Pope

What you get

Making delusional plans will get you delusional results. It doesn't matter how optimistic you are about it. The gist is, you'll be the bearer of the consequences. - Pope

Ready to Pay

Everything has a Price. The great struggle in life is coming to grips with what that price is. -Pope

Don’t lose them

The one who is never around is always the perfect one without flaws. Close proximity to people will expose you to their flaws. And we have the tendency to value someone whom we haven't seen their flaws over the one who is always available and accessible. The one who...

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