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The without-dent story

There is a very high tendency of you being useless if your story is “stainless”
A “stainless” story often indicates a lack of depth and resilience, as it is through the stains and scars of experiences that one truly grows.
Your experiences is a well to draw from.
Your life‘s narrative, with all its twists and turns, serves as a valuable well from which you can draw wisdom and understanding.
If you can’t relate, you won’t be able to relate.
Empathy stems from relatability; if you haven’t faced challenges, it becomes challenging to connect with others in their struggles.
Your suffering is not isolated; it holds the potential to inspire and guide those on a similar journey.
Consider your hardships as badges that uniquely qualify you for specific roles and responsibilities.
Embrace failure as your arsenal, for each setback contributes to the momentum propelling you forward.
Your failures are your arsenal.
The higher you go, the bigger the punches.
Let each failure become a stepping stone, adding weight to your resilience and fortitude.
– Pope


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What you get

Making delusional plans will get you delusional results. It doesn't matter how optimistic you are about it. The gist is, you'll be the bearer of the consequences. - Pope

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