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Adeolu Timothy

Adeolu Timothy

Product • Data • Business

Sic Parvis Magna!

Internal Crack

Many of us are driven by wounds from our past that we haven’t healed from.
Our unresolved past wounds drive us.

Most of your decisions are based on trying to prove someone wrong.

Trying to prove your parents wrong.
Trying to prove that you can be somebody.

This pursuit often leads to a life filled with stress, forming internal fractures.

Take time and deal with the internal crack!


Something to trust

You can’t connect the dots looking forward;
you can only connect them by looking backward.

So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.
You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.
This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
– Pope

Coming soon

At some point, you will be desperate for a major win just to validate that you are doing the right thing and on the right path.
At such moments, don’t forget the small wins matter too and they eventually all add up.
Don’t lose your shine!
Beans no dey cook forever, e go soon done!
– Pope


If we knew the sequence of our life’s timing and seasons, we might lose ambition…
Uncertainty isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it keeps the embers of life and professional pursuit aflame :sunglasses.
– Dr. Julius Ajayi

The total workings

Here is how it works!
You do your part : build skills and portfolio.
We do our part : introduce you to opportunities, jobs, people
You keep doing your part : improving on technical skills while also maintaining integrity and reputation
Expecting the second step without you doing the first is foolishness.
Messing up the third step will bring you down. It is what ensure sustainability.
– Pope

The seed and the harvest

You reap what you sow.
You reap where you sow.
(You can’t sow all of yourself into work and expect to reap from your family)
You reap after you sow.
You always reap more than you sow.
You can sow: time, sweat, effort, material

Perceived value

Be careful of perceived value
The perceived value of other people’s achievement will make you see it as a very big deal that is missing from your life.
Trust me, it’s how they sometimes see your achievement when they look at you too.
It’s called personal see-finish!
– Pope

Gone way beyond that

The most frequent form of encouragement I get is
“Don’t worry, don’t stop and don’t be afraid, You’ll be big”
And, I’m not trying to be BIG
I’m going to be whatever I’m meant to be because I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing.
– Pope

Until I decide

I’m from a city where timing means everything.
You can miss your chance at greatness by mere seconds,
If you aren’t prepared for it.
The most endearing part about this place is how often you’ll be told you cannot do something,
That your dreams are too unrealistic – too far fetched
They’ll tell you to take the easy way out, to be satisfied with mediocrity.
That flying freely through the air isn’t meant for kids that look like you,
Because the odds have proven time and time again that you’re not supposed to be here..
The truth is,
Time has never been in my favor until I decided that it should be,
Until I can no longer ignore the adrenaline growing under my skin
Until the obsession with doing the impossible became of a bearing
Until every fall started to feel less like a wound
and more like an embrace..
– Not my thought

Life’s timestamp

Life comes with inflection points,
junctures in which we know our world is about to change.
Events that timestamp life.
Crossroads that demand a decision.
Go this way? Or that?
Everyone has them.
You do. I do. Jacob did.
Jacob’s came with a name: Jabbok.
It is the location where Jacob wrestled with an angel and walked away with a lame hip.
– Max L.

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