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Adeolu Timothy

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Sic Parvis Magna!


Declutter: to remove unnecessary items from a place
Take time to Declutter.
Audit your life.
Remove unnecessary people | activities | items | relationships | etc.
Focus on the 20% that’s meant to give you 80% result.
– Pope

Don’t place a limit on it

Don’t limit yourself by what you don’t have. Enhance your journey by using the most of what is available. Trust God to make what you have in your hand to be sufficient for what you want. What can you do, despite? -Pope

My Definition

Learn to define success for yourself in a way that’s process-oriented, and which focuses on taking action and on enjoying the journey of life. This focus should take into account inner fulfilment, not just quantifiable financial success (which will never be 100...


Stop trying to win too fast. Just because you want to show people you won. Calm down! - Pope

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