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Sic Parvis Magna!

Sweet pain

When you come in contact with newer information. It will create a conflict with the existing information you know. Instead of facing the conflicts, weighing the two details and choosing the better one, most folks run away and stick to what they are used to. This...


Declutter: to remove unnecessary items from a place Take time to Declutter. Relationship Financially Digitally Healthcare Spiritually Audit your life. Remove unnecessary people | activities | items | relationships | etc. Focus on the 20% that's meant to give you 80%...

The Ultimate Factor

God is the guiding force in your journey. You're essentially a passenger on His boat. Then a random person claims you're running behind schedule, and you lose your peace and get fixated on their words. Ask yourself, Does God ever run late? - Pope

Levels to it

Level 1: Be good at something Level 2: Be good at something important Level 3: Be known to be good at something important. Level 4: Be consistent with being known to be good at something important - Not my thought!

Internal Crack

Many of us are driven by wounds from our past that we haven't healed from. Our unresolved past wounds drive us. Most of your decisions are based on trying to prove someone wrong. Trying to prove your parents wrong. Trying to prove that you can be somebody. This...

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