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Perceived value

Be careful of perceived value
The perceived value of other people’s achievement will make you see it as a very big deal that is missing from your life.
Trust me, it’s how they sometimes see your achievement when they look at you too.
It’s called personal see-finish!
– Pope


Declutter: to remove unnecessary items from a place Take time to Declutter. Relationship Financially Digitally Healthcare Spiritually Audit your life. Remove unnecessary people | activities | items | relationships | etc. Focus on the 20% that's meant to give you 80%...

One day, just one day

.... and one day, I will get the opportunity to dramatically swipe everything off a table to make room for a giant map that I'll use to explain the plan. - Pope


A basketball in my hands is worth about $19. A basketball in Michael Jordan's hands is worth about $33 million. It depends whose hands it's in. A baseball in my hands is worth about $6. A baseball in Mark McGwire's hands is worth about $19 million. It depends whose...

Don’t lose them

The one who is never around is always the perfect one without flaws. Close proximity to people will expose you to their flaws. And we have the tendency to value someone whom we haven't seen their flaws over the one who is always available and accessible. The one who...

What drives me is:

A life of no regrets.To look back on life and see that I spent it well.Did every single thing that I wanted to do.Experimented a lot.Failed a lot.But made the most of life.-Pope

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